_ quote of the week

Se una barca vuota, in balia della corrente, va alla deriva contro una giunca, i battellieri, anche se bruti della peggiore specie, non si arrabbiano e fanno di tutto
per evitarla. Supponiamo che la stessa barca vada alla deriva con a bordo un uomo. L’atteggiamento dei marinai sarà molto diverso. Anche i più bonari cacceranno grida, gesticoleranno, e se l’uomo non risponde o se si è addormentato, si arrabbieranno e l’insulteranno. Se poi, per caso, la barca urtasse la nave, sarebbero capaci di saltarvi dentro e di dare una bella lezione al passeggero. La barca piena attira la collera, la barca vuota, no. Per cui, se gettate fuori bordo il vostro io, attraverserete il fiume della vita senza che nessuno vi contrasti ne cerchi di

— Pascal Fauliot

Launch Center Pro sweet setup

One of my most used app is Launch Center Pro, for sure. I keep it in the dock and I use it a lot of times during a normal day because it’s extremely powerful.

The things I love the most are just a couple: you can do almost all what you want and it’s super easy. This incredible app lets you create unbelievable workflows that would be impossible to do with an iPhone. The motto of the app is ‘launch actions, not only app’.

We probably all know what the app does so I just want to explain what I use it for.

Here you can see my iPhone’s homescreen and this is the home page of my Launch Center Pro:


Here I have the most used actions or the ones I need rapidly, like Shazam. The only two to explain are Fantastical and CloudApp because they are lists, not actions. In fact you can create lists and it’s pretty awesome because you can save a lot of space where you can put other actions. So, if I tap on Fantastical I’ll see a pop up with possibility to create a new event, a new reminder or search in the app. If I tap on CloudApp I’ll be able to create a new text file in the app or upload the last photo in my library.

I’ve got six menus called: Clipboard, Messages, Write, Calls, Search and Send to.

The first one, Clipboard, is a mix of actions with a common thing: clipboard. This is pretty useful because when I know I have to do something with a clipboard content I know exactly where to go.

My favourite menu is the one about Messages. Here there are four actions and four lists. They are for WhatsApp and for iMessage, the two service I use the most. So, there’re two lists, for each service, for my family and for my friends.

In the write menu there’s a very useful action I use to post on my blog via Poster and other stuff like this.

The Search menu and the Send to are the most personalized. Here there are very different actions for everything I could need.

The last one is the Calls menu where I’ve got five lists and two actions. The lists are the same of Messages but with Phone, FaceTime and FaceTime Audio and there’s one more list for quick Emergency calls, very useful in that case.

I really love this incredible app and I use it everyday multiple times. It’s just the perfect combination for a geek and his iPhone.

Here you can see a short video with my sweet setup:

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